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EXCALION lyrics : "The Shroud"

In his sign
You will see these golden letters
Make sure that no one enters

My mighty high house

During the years

Every desire slowly walked in
Decorated walls are talking
Of riches and fame

And now he can tell
When your heart is made out of gold

It's going to weigh like hell

Ever wonder if all was worthwhile?

Seen through the haze?
You never found
Pockets in the shroud

Hear the thunder and brimstone raining
The rats in the race
They never found

Pockets in the shroud
What is left
Not so much of children's stories

But a [email protected]&(t full of worries
Deep underground

Once long ago
All the crossing roads were still there
When your hair has long since turned silver

There is no return

Who would have believed

A fool had built a house out of
The years he left unlived

Sky is coming down
Lightshow and the bitter rain
Echoing sound of pairs of boots

They are walking up a hill
On the borderlines of sleep
On such a day

It is fine that it should rain

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa