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EXASXDRO lyrics : "Out Of Order"

It's 6 in the morning I'm still awake I don't why
my brain is telling me to go to sleep and rest my eyes
but I need to get money and sleep is a waist of time

so I'm on 24/7 just staying on my grind
type so much my hand be hurting carpel tunnel
smoke too much and now speech has got a mumble

SO I'm getting crazy I need to go to therapy
so I take a ride in my sisters jeep cherokee
hit the building they're looking at me terribly

this is not a parody I come in all sincerity
this is unbearbly and appearently stupid
don't feel excluded you know I'm undisputed

you've been diluted and muted get booted
fall in love cupid but now you've been secluded
I took you to school now you're lyricaly smarter

If I broke your brain heres a sign out of order

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