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Evilwar lyrics : "Miserable"

I can fell the fear in your eyes
Silent faceless figure
Making your impotence into kindness

And your fears into forgiveness


They don't know the taste of vengeance and hate
Following speechless with their uncertainties
Sufficiently weaks to accept it

Faith sustained by the words
Of a [email protected]$( son

Damned be the Christians
The end of your race has been announced
Your impotent god won't do anything when he see you fall

Like he nothing did for his own son

"Father, why you left me"

Follow to the end
With your innocent illusion

We'll show no mercy
Only hate and destruction

All the symbols of your faith will be burned
It will remain only ashes in the wind

All the bonds will be broken
It will be the end of your era

I can fell the fear in your eyes

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa