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Evilwar lyrics : "Born By The Rape Of One Beast"

Crossing the valley of death
The ancient secrets follow us
Breaking the darkness, the march carries on

Of the new millenium warriors

Race and honor

Power and blood
Unholy March

Our enemies despair is the proof of our force
The hate that break our hearts
Strengthen our honor feeding our courage

We walk unpunished over the devastated earth
Blessed by the fire we tread the way to destruction
The unholy war had start

Villages are destroyed
Women are raped

Pride is destroyed
Temples are demolished
Fate is corrupted

The scriptures are no longer followed
We follow the law of the strongest

Death round this place

We left ruins behind

We continue our search
We lead death with us
Glory and victory

We conquer with the steel of our sword
We make our revolution

We'll wash the earth with our enemies blood
Thus way we'll honor our tradition
Evil warrior's tradition

The weak's millenium has finished
The Satanic hordes are on the way

Everything is ready for the new Kingdom
We'll raise Satan's Throne above the earth
And there will only be place for the strongest

And the winners

Hail Satan...

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa