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Evile lyrics : "Killer From The Deep"

Paralysed, cannot move at all
From the imminent strike of the beast
From the depths of hell, the deep blue sea

The demon has come for the feast

Attack is swift, attack is fast

Life flashes before your eyes
When the devil strikes there's nowhere to hide
All around shall hear your cries

With crippling pain, blood spills from your veins
It's time to face your demise

A thousand knives ripping through your flesh
Through your blood the beast shall rise

In the jaws of the killer your blood starts to flow
Salvation is all that you seek
With every bite, the sea stars to change

Your blood shall stain the sea red

Servant of death

Killer from the deep
Your final breath
Death you shall reap

Eyes of black
And a heart made of stone

Shark attack
You've entered the killing zone

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa