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EVIL ACTIVITIES lyrics : "Evilution"

The time I lost is gone
I'll never get it back
But, my years in the dark didn't kill me

And my work remains
And even though I might not understand what's happening
to me

I have faith in the final outcome
After all, I'm doing what I was intended to do
Becoming what I was meant to be

I look forward to corresponding with you again
And I know it's been a long time
But you couldn't observe my work

But there's no point in trying to interfere with it
I'm now in full command of my talents
I hope the world is ready

Evilution (x??)

Evilution, an imperfect and often violent process
The question of good and evil reduced to one simple

To life, and in hell
(Oh my god)


Oh my god


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Thanks to alexandrap