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EVIDENCE : The Red Carpet lyrics

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EVIDENCE lyrics : "The Red Carpet"

I set it off, in a sunny distance, no days existin'
my patience let me wait until the greatest love listen to me
I used to play the witness, wait in the trenches

it's like the sixth man sits on different benches
it's hard squeezin' life in a sentence
and if I do, roll carpet with the red tint

my entrance and what's between
when I exit it's evidence left on the scene
alchemist cut the record down, to the bone

and with a record like this, I take the world by storm
it's God bless the land of the brave
understand where I stand, my hand is made

come from B R double O K Lyn, the planet
family landed, managed, to raise the man that, I became
panicked on my first campaign

but when the words fell in place I was certain to reign
I lit the purple, then step in the circle and start flexin'
I got the weatherman advantage, now the storms changed directions

portions of the proceeds is feedin' my homies now
I always share, pretty good for an only child
I was the baby boy, I could do no wrong

now the roles reversed, I'm puttin' people on
they off welfare, and got healthcare
used to have they priorities elsewhere

I took rims and tires, and traded them for a ticket to an island
that's where I wrote this rhyme in
where I first saw my vision written

driven by a better livin' and place to raise kids in
so I think like, I rule the world
on the brink of somethin' bigger, buildin' schools for boys and girls

just the thought alone, gets me outta my bed
I said you got the tools, get them %#@!s outta the shed
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