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EVIDENCE : Rain Or Shine lyrics

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EVIDENCE lyrics : "Rain Or Shine"

Lets Get It Together, No Matter The Weather
[Ev] [Verse 1]

It's The Joy And, The Pain, Rain And The Sun Naming No Names Came In The
Same Never Aim At My Gun, U Get One Shot, Never Wave At My Chance, Maybe
Wave At My Chain, My B-Boy Stands Is Althenic, Most Depth, Universal,

Magnetic, Fat Beats Off Tha Mind, I Said It,

From The Ba!@&(t Floor [?] Knocking On Heavens Door, From Across The Room,

To When I'm Out On Tour, It Reminds Me Of A Time When My Life Was Pure, It
Finds Me Off, At! The Oddest Moments, Try To Focus But End Up Zonein
(Zonein) I Go Back, But The Captions Closing (Closing) So Cold But The

Clock Aint Frozen (Frozen) [3x]


Lets Get It Together, No Matter The Weather
(Got It) [3x] (Come On) (Its Like) [2x] (Something) [2x] (Like That) [2x]
(You Know) [2x] (You Know I Feel That) [2x] (Its The Weather Man) [2x]

[Ev] [Verse 2]
It Was Something, Demember [?] Since Chirstmas Came We Had Our Birthdays,

Lumped In Layoway, One Present, Two Holidays, Seen It From A Mile Away, You
Can't Lie To Your Kids, I Guess That Makes Up For No [?] Nothing Ever
Missing In The Kitchen (Nope) Nothing Ever Really Went Wrong (Wrong), Until

The One That Pays Me, Was The One that's Gone, It's Funny How Strength Comes
In Different Forms, Some Embrace They Faith, Others Weather Storm, Others
Tell They Self That The Pain Moves On, Saw The Clouds Move In And When It

Did They Poured, I Push Away The Pain, it's The Sun And The Rain, Rain Or
Shine I Got My UmBrella I Said there's None Better, Imma See You Again, It
Worth To Listen, A Womens, Is Worth Is Everything!


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