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EVIDENCE : Outta My Mind lyrics

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EVIDENCE lyrics : "Outta My Mind"

I know I'm outta my mind
I've lost my mind

I'm just ahead of my time (repeats)

Raping in first was hell without vodka

I pop up in spots they spit do clock work
I'm dilating $#&@ off I ain't doing it
They let the man drop

They thought I might have ruined it
Illusive I just denied rumors
Smile and get punchlines with dry humor

See what the future brings
I got an MTV
Time is a up

That's the message I'm sending them
Sign with Slug and survive beef with Eminem
They mentioned different events in my sentences

It's dangerous to reminisce so remember it
I'm still as Evidence check one two one two
Last punches and spit what I've been through

The same here got boo-ed but kept raping
The same here got sewed ..


!@^% I know from where I come from

And I know with whom I started with
But trying to split the check with 8 that's the hard of %#@!
I ain't starting %#@!

I had to get my own
So I ain't starting to get that bull%#@! you on
Like you wan like you love ?.

More than I do
Hear it I got to make the change
I got .. by you

I wish I would give a $#&@
I was broke in the hood
On the porch of some church

The first .. records
And make the word respect it
.. that's how we do it

What you do in there
You .. as snow
.. you're in love with the blow

.. I was talking about you


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