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EVIDENCE : Chase The Clouds Away lyrics

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EVIDENCE lyrics : "Chase The Clouds Away"

Let some sunlight in [scratched:] {"It's yours!"}
Yeah, open up the window, get some fresh air

Clean out all this %#@! right now
Uh-huh, that's what I'm talkin about
That's what I mean right now

Today is different - I didn't go right for the weed
I went to the shower first, then I went to eat

Then I came home, sat down fully clothed
{A-A-A-Al-Al-Al-Al-Alchemist} Found this Alchemist beat
Damn, this %#@! goes... I must be happy today

I must have chased the dark clouds away
I must have done somethin good that no one else saw
Like helped that lady cross the street (your bag's about to fall)

Yeah, non-selfish acts of love
Not to get anything back, just to do it because (y'know?)
I'm happy today, got no ulterior motives

I scratched my 22's but $#&@ it I'ma keep rollin (it's nothin)
Can't %#@! get me down, no sir
The world is mine, but I share (okay it's also yours)

The tour is mine, but I share (okay it's also yours)
The girl is mine, but I share (okay it's also yours)
{"It's yours!"}

My life makes me (happy) my music makes me (happy)

I musta chased the dark clouds away
Cause today I feel (happy.. happy)
My people make me (happy) my music makes me (happy)

Cause I ain't always (happy)
I musta chased the dark clouds away

Yeah, feel this %#@! right here man
Weatherman {"It's yours!"}

Today is different - I didn't go right for the weed
I woke up, remembered all my dreams

Yeah didn't feel anger, didn't wake up to a stranger
My new girl, my perfect stee'
Yeah, uhh, I stepped out to Venice Beach

From my front door, the %#@!'s about a hundred feet
I seen the sun come down, reflection on the ground
That's my mom shinin down on me (I love you)

L.A. is so crazy if you askin me
But here, they ain't harassin me (they ain't harassin me)
I musta done somethin good back in the day

Maybe Big Block told the hood stay away from Ev
Move on others instead
I'm happy I ain't wound up dead; tell 'em all I'm here

And this ain't a life to play
It's a time to enjoy my day, and I'ma take you there



I don't see none of that today {"It's yours!"}

And it's mine... and I happy-go-lucky

It's just today the world don't feel ugly
And I speak the truth
Everytime I step my feet up inside the booth

Y'know? I woke up today, seen it rainin
I love the sun, but I can't complain (it's Cali)
Don't love my gun, but still I'm aimin

That's the story of a kid and his uzi


{"It's yours!"}

Hey wait wait a minute Alchemist, stop this %#@!
I don't know what the $#&@ I was thinkin about

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