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EVIDENCE : All Said & Done lyrics

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EVIDENCE lyrics : "All Said & Done"

(feat. Kobe)


Yeah, it's E-V, a.k. Ev, you know me, ha ha

I got love for my people, they showed me that

Built my, empire, never one struck back
I show, trust for starters, led by example
Who work harder? Ha ha ha, you kiddin right?

Every bing, catchin a flight
Emergency row, coach, sittin up through the night
Can't stand, you carried in; ain't earned, you married in

You ain't a +Hustler+ like Larry Flynt
Some die violent, rest in peace
Instead of brew, we pourin out gasoline

It's a cold world of course, still tryin to breathe
Tryin to stay on course, in no rush to leave
JUST, stickin tongue in cheek; and speakin of

Speak to my peeps in time with the drum
This the taste to say the least, Weatherman LP
It's the shape of things to come

[Chorus: Kobe (Evidence)]
I have seen, so many pe-ople

I wonder if they knew my name (I ask myself)
Af-ter it's all, said and done
I wonder if they knew my name

(In case you didn't know, they call me Evidence)
Af-ter the fame, af-ter the mu-sic fades away
(Ladies and gentlemen, y'all need to turn it up)

I see, so many pe-ople
I wonder if they knew my name
(It's Evidence, let's go)

Khalil, you crazy~!

Look - Ev changed his flow, y'all didn't know
The whole time been capable, waitin on a sign to blow
Look, listen, observe, witness

My heart been this since a long time ago
Sleep with my eyes up, hustle never went down
Maybe as a juvenile, that's sealed and dried up

18 turned around, 20/20 focused now
Fans would support, these haters would dickride us
Magic was my idol, Bird my rival

More important than church or bibles when we "Work the Angles"
They start to bounce, so don't hold me liable
C-A, rep Lost Angels

They got it twisted, streets are still danger
People turn quick, friends become strangers
One day, this way, next they change up

Minor leaguers, thinkin they major

[Chorus: + minor ad lib changes]

Yeah, more than one hit, on tour at the same time

More than one chick, more than guns clips
More you peep, each line is more than punches
Each rhyme is hungry, didn't pack my lunches

"Marathon" cats are back, that's longevity
I might flip, I'm "Serious" as Steady B
You ain't do it right, we stealin your melody

Or maybe not, cause John Lennon said "Let it Be"
Rappers need radio for self-esteem
I'm on some brand new boombox Radio Raheem

I wonder if my grind has gone in vain
I mean it's my time, but are they on my page
I rap behind the beat but never after the fact

They put they trust in me, never ever sat back
Since that day a loop I'm choppin it
It's make history or sit around watchin it

Life goes by, pick up and drop habits
I duck cops, never caught, "The Eyes Have It"
All said and done I'd do this %#@! again

I've seen so many people, I wonder if they know my name

[Chorus: second half only, minus ad libs]

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