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EVERMORE : Tonight on the Show (Truth of the World Pt.1) lyrics

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EVERMORE lyrics : "Tonight on the Show (Truth of the World Pt.1)"

Tonight on the show
We got fashion, crimes, and war.
The news and a whole lot more

For every boy and girl. This is Donovan Earl,
Reporting for Truth of the World.

Believe what you hear
the doomsday sn is draing near.
so you better fear but don't go anywhere,

we'll be right back with Truth of the World.

Truth of the World,

Put yor faith in us,
We're the ones you can trust.

First story tonight, it's the war on terror
The war and of trail and error.
it's for the good of the west.

Because we know we're the best.
And it keeps you watching Truth of the World.

We've all heard the warning, so
called, "global warming."
Sea level raised a metre,

gas is twenty dollars a litre,
but who needed all that ice?
The way I see it, this heat is quite nice.

Winter's so passe, summer's here to stay,
and what's hot this summer?

it's the V12 Hummer, it's what
gets you all the girls.
and it's brought to you by Truth of the World.

Truth of the World, we got what you need,
satisfaction guaranteed.

We're number one, for entertainment and fun
down the barrel of a gun.
we've got it all on Truth of the World.

Truth of the World!
We're bringing you the show from

the broadcast studio.
We're coming to you live,
so tune to Channel Five.

And now a word from our sponsors,
"We've got the miracle cure".

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