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EVERMORE : Infotainmentology (Truth of the World Pt.3) lyrics

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EVERMORE lyrics : "Infotainmentology (Truth of the World Pt.3)"

Truth of the world [x2]

Thanks for tuning in again

This is Donovan Earl your friend
with a promise not to pander
to the radical propaganda

We're making no apology
We bring you infotainmentology.

So if you don't want to
let your health
Confront lies your wealth

truth is it's on the shelf
fast acting on your sorrows
a little pepper for tomorrow

we give you the truth
in a pill you can swallow

Everybody says,
Stay tuned in
Truth lies within

so get ready for the spin
In a world of doubt of fear
don't believe everything you hear

unless you heard it here

We pay a lot for the economy

by printing more money
then go on a spending spree
cos freedom don't come for free

but you can watch it all on Pearl
Every night on truth of the world

So where have you been?
now politics is in
join the party that's going to win

cos' everybody's doing it
it's fun so don't going ruin it
They've been endorsed

by truth of the world

We interrupt this bulletin

something just came in
there's a killer loose
on our streets again

A man on the ground
said she's 81 with a walking frame
and the sound of shotgun

Lock your doors
let no-one in

but most importantly
stay tuned in

Truth of the world [x3]

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