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EVERCLEAR : Tiger In A Burning Tree lyrics

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EVERCLEAR lyrics : "Tiger In A Burning Tree"

A friend of mine woke me up to tell me about his dream
All the lights in the world went black
He felt like a tiger in a burning tree

He was like he was led for something
That he did not wanna see
His life looks better...

He lives like a tiger in a burning tree

... a woman from the city in the South

She lost her cow when the bottle fell out
She sold her life to the deep blue sea
She left a message for the world to see.

She knows better what it's like to be
A tiger in a burning tree!

Close your eyes and take a deep deep breath
Blow out the candles in that...

I was a child that...
I broke him into pieces, set him on fire
Swept him under my bed.

I never learned how to play nice with all the other kids
I never learned how to draw... line, the devil will

Close your eyes and take a deep breath
You're making the world so much better than this
Now close your eyes...

And you can tell me what it feels like
To be a tiger in a burning tree

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