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EVERCLEAR : Pennsylvania Is... lyrics

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EVERCLEAR lyrics : "Pennsylvania Is..."

Jackson met a girl in a valley town
They fell into a teenage love she'd grow to hate
He's in prison now since he beat her down

He got her pregnant and she made it go away
Hey hey hey hey Pennsylvania
I got a card today from a girl I know

She used to live alone in Philadelphia
She had to leave the state for a choice she made
She says she feels just like a hostage in her home

Hey hey hey hey Pennsylvania
You can close your eyes, you can fall and die
You can hope your laws will make it go away

You can close your eyes but you can't make it go away
I just got a call from my uncle Mike
He said he left his wife and he's not going back

Said she changed her mind about a desire child
I asked him if he wants a placemat or a wife
Hey hey hey hey Pennsylvania is wrong

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