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EVERCLEAR : Her Brand New Skin lyrics

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EVERCLEAR lyrics : "Her Brand New Skin"

She is everywhere I am
Yeah when I don't want her to be there
I kinda want to leave in a hurry

She's walking on the city
Heavy in her monster boots
I hear her calling my name

I hide behind the people that I want to be
I hear her calling my name
I can see the future when she tells me how it's going to be

She is perpetual Kathy
All shake and happy in her brand new skin
She is perpetual Kathy

She is always the same
She is everything that I'm not
Strong and happy with the sound of the rhythm inside

I do not want to be a broken record,
But I don't want to live in the shadow of a twelve-step
I hear her calling my name

Next thing you know I think I'll want to be a better man
I hear her calling my name
Yeah, I used to be a devil but they never seemed to give a damn

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