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EVE : That's What It Is lyrics

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EVE lyrics : "That's What It Is"

(feat. Styles)


They usually hate her when she comes around
Huh, first lady mobbin ^!$$% hit the ground
Next break into that who we what a sound

Heads boppin, never fails once the Doc's around
Hatin the fact that she do things on both sides
But never disrespect two rings round both eyes, right?

Lady like in many ways
Because in trust I can be crazy like on any day
Some do they dirt but best believe in time they pay

Do believe in lettin %#@! chill til the promised day
Huh, seems they just fade away
I love it cuz them clowns they just paved the way

Left it wide open got no time to play
Mad cuz %#@! changed got no time to stay
Considered snobby then just hate me I don't give a $#&@

Considered sloppy to me you just need to give it up...

[HOOK: Styles]

Eve don't give a $#&@ about you
That's what it is
Eve is the hottest (*##$

That's what it is
But she gon' stay ladylike
That's what it is

But I'ma act crazy like
That's what it is
Think I got your house shot

That's what it is
Think I got your car burnt
That's what it is

Think I got your people robbed
That's what it is
Cuz we don't give a $#&@ about you

That's what it is


I aint got a moment to waste
I'm tryin to get to your head, so I gotta make room in your face
And they can't see your eyes or your nose

Why P? Cuz 4, 5 slugs is consumin the space
This is Holiday you need, you $#&@ with the Scorpion
I don't stop poppin 'til your body don't breathe

Clap more than the audience, after the show
Stab more than the butcher, and I'm kinda righteous
So I'ma help you pray for the Lord when I push ya

She the First Lady, I'm the ghost with the gun
Aimed at your son that'll love to burst crazy
Ruff Rydin the clique, come up outta your %#@!

Get clapped in the wig, sold alotta records
But we never gave a $#&@ so it's a wrap for the kids
Gat to the back and the ribs

We the hood, even Holiday (*##$ that's what it is


Broke out and got grown, holdin her own

That (*##$ come strong, give up, dead wrong
I don't even $#&@ around 'less your head strong
Aint too many that's around that can match they mind blown

Can't figure her out
Is she street, sweet, gutter, I'm from the hood
Alotta y'all ^!$$%s gold

This (*##$ two million sold
And I just figured that I'd make it known
Baby girl got the whole world in her palm, alone

Watch me rock, got my lip @@#!ed
Spit fire, watch it better duck, you stuck, you crossfire
Thought you was the realest you said you caught liar

Any time you at where I be, I'ma try you


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