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EVE lyrics : "Scream Double R"

(feat. DMX)

[The chorus is drowned out and in the back round]

[Chorus x2]
[Eve (DMX)]
Get that $$# up and Scream Double R (What!)

We ain't going nowhere we made it this far (Uh -1st time come on - 2nd)
Let me see my, my dogs [growls]
Let me hear my, my dogs [Barks]

[DMX (Over Chorus)]
Uh, What, Uh, My Baby,

My, Baby, That's my baby COME ON!


Time to hit y'all cats with another joint from Eve and the dog
And you know how we do baby creep in the fog
Now hold it down for the fellas, hold it down for the girls

Keep mother$#&@ers knowing this rap %#@! is our world (WHAT!)
Been there and done that (UH), had fun where the run at (UH)
Don't got to shoot a mother$#&@er no more so put the gun back (UH)

Pay ^!$$%s to do that, cause they a lot better at it
Keep the burner in the truck cause well you got to have it (aight)
It's an unwritten law (uh huh)

Let a !@$)got open that unwritten door (uh huh)
Hit 'em with four (uh) hairline to the jaw (WHAT!)
That's what I'm aiming at

We going to get that ^!$$% X aight well keep saying that
Eve I wish you the best and I'll always love you (what)
Never hear me say !#@* YOU because I love you (what)

Always here for you when somebody else is not (uh)
A dog and his (*##$ blowing up the spot
Come on

[Chorus sounding regular]
[Chorus x2]

It should be against the law, me and the dog like a brawl

And the only thing that can help you is God and you should call on him
Weak sight, the streets like, creep like
Cause they got each other's she bark and he bite

It ain't strange you cats know the name
Double R scream it bubble hard it's a shame
Realest ^!$$%s doing it, them clowns they ruin it

Shut 'em down give 'em pounds cause palms go glue in it
Sticky finger ^!$$%s steal each other's style
Claiming how they started things not original

Cats they get caught up in the glitter and glam
If that's the case you should be considered a fan
I'm like tired of the same beats that claim streets

Doing nothing but ducking from the hood got the same speech
Only one you feeling is you ^!$$%s know the deal
Industry, $#&@ it, in the streets keep it real, ^!$$%

[Chorus x2]

Since the beginning we both knew we was winning
Cause we been in all type of %#@! (uh) but kept on spitting, hitting

^!$$%s in the head with that %#@! that let 'em know it was the truth
So they feel that cause it's real black (WHAT!)
We never going to stop (uh), no matter what they say (uh)

No matter what they do (uh) they'll never take it away (Come On)
What the Lord give you let no man curse
E-V-E and DMX from the birth to the earth

Why they sick cause we still close thought that it was over

Cats trying to tear us apart dogs got closer
All the %#@! we deal with only make us stronger
Try to do a lot of %#@! but they can't belong to

For real ^!$$%s scared us, steady catching them bluffing
What you say shut up ^!$$% saying much of nothing
Act like they don't want it but they demand it

Double R keep it hard and ^!$$%s can't stand it

[Chorus x3]

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