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EVE : My Enemies lyrics

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EVE lyrics : "My Enemies"

Uh, what? What? Huh


My enemies, my enemies
All of y'all is my enemies
My enemies, my enemies

$#&@ y'all ^!$$%s, my enemies
My enemies, my enemies
Playa-hataz, my enemies

My enemies, my enemies
$#&@ y'all ^!$$%s, my enemies

Yo, yo, yo
Crackass can't bother me
Watch me get money with the double R team

^!$$%z be schemin' about robbin' me
Chicks mad they ain't got this job like me
Money makin' (*##$ called E-V-E

Million dollar itch, ^!$$% can't stop me
Used to be broke and you used to love me
On tour, now you don't $#&@ with me

[Repeat 1]

Uh, uh, huh, huh
Yo, yo, yo
Up late night, wanting to sleep

Thoughts of cats on their late night creeps
Cause of my relations with some one on peep
You should've kept it real and you would've been with me

You're still on the corner with Smoke and them
Still makin' plans about smokin' them
Stupid, running around and be poking them

Could've been on stage and not smoking dope with them

[Repeat 1]

You wanna $#&@, you wanna $#&@, you wanna $#&@

But you can $#&@ Eve

[Repeat 2]

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