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EVE : Make Up Sex lyrics

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EVE lyrics : "Make Up Sex"

Go girl
Go girl

Go girl go girl

[Chorus- Eve & Will.I.Am:]

Let's make some make up sex
Let's make some make up sex
You can do it as rough as you want

You can do it as rough as you want
I'ma throw down on the ground
I'ma throw down on the ground

Boy i'ma do it to you girl
Boy i'ma do it to you girl

[Verse 1- Eve:]
So here we go again
Remember the last time

We walking out the door and you giving your last line
You telling me you done fed up and sick with me
Guess you can't recall or you did it to get with me

But I don't let it bother me now I just leave
Suitcase packed with my 10's on my sleeve
As I look back at you turn the door slamming

Looking for the keys to the car and left scrambling
Pulling out the driveway thinking what the $#&@
I ain't really tryna get a situation up

Yeah I made my mistakes but you did the same thing
Now we at the point that we don't even know which one to blame
Daddy I forgive you who cares who did what and i'm sorry

Anything to get us made up
What we gotta do huh
What I need to say cos

I ain't really tryna leave
I just wanna stay man


[Verse 2- Eve:]

Yeah I call and I call but you don't pick up
See my name straight to VM
I won't give up

Cos you're mine and you know that I ain't going nowhere
And you'd be sick if I really gave up after these years
If you ever saw me outdoors skirt and flirting

You'd be stuck staring at me and you're heart be hurting now
What you wanna do i'll give you couple days
I'ma let you breathe get yourself through your phase

Do what I need to do to make it okay
And I know you can't stand it cos you hate when i'm away
Hit me back home and the bear hugged up

Floating on my love make you fully drugged up
Can no other chick make you feel that good
And if you think you can do better then I wish you well

Come on papi you know that i'm the best you had
And even though I hate the drama dayum I love it when you mad

Go girl
Go girl

Go girl go girl

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