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EVE lyrics : "Life Is So Hard"

(feat. Teena Marie)


This song is a dedication to those strugglin and livin on
For those who can't see the light, it's comin
Stay strong, feel me.. [echoes]

[Teena Marie]
Ooohhhh, yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah yeah, oooohhhhhhh, oohhhohhhhh..

[Chorus: Teena Marie]

Livin life is so hard
Every day I pray to God
Tell Him to send me light so I can touch my soul

And always know right from wrong
Livin life is so hard
Every day I pray to God

Tell Him to touch my heart so He can ease the pain
Anything to hide the scars

Uhh, uhh
Thank you God, I appreciate every blessin

Happiness to heartaches, take it as a lesson
I learned a lot in this year
Got a profession that keeps me stressin

Facin criticism, answerin questions
And you still keep me happy and healthy
Blessed with a mind to play the cards that life has dealt me

No doubt I struggle, I cry at times
Sometimes I wish I could live in a bubble
And it gets hard not to stray to trouble

I'm proud of me, got a family that holds me down
Real friends 'cause the other ones claim they don't know me now
But long as God with me, I'ma be good for sure

He's the one who picks me up when my face is to the floor
Life is crazy, people never cease to amaze me
Stay with stories by how they made me or raised me

And it's funny, 'cause everybody seems to be so hungry
Either they want my life, or they want my money


[Teena Marie]

How can life be so hard?
How can my life be so hard?
Whatever doesn't kill me makes me strong

Whatever doesn't kill me makes me strong
Every day I pray to God
Every day I pray

Whatever doesn't kill me makes me strong
Whatever, whatever, whatever

Uhh, been through a lot
Still gotta watch my back 'cause people plot

Close is to do you dirty just so they can take your spot
Some days I feel like I wanna quit
But I pray too long and dreamed and worked too hard for it

Wouldn't trade my life, none even a little bit
Cause it could be worse for real, I could be turnin tricks
Might (*##$ and whine but always just in the back of my mind

I could be livin on the streets, nothin to eat without a dime
So I thank God, and I think why 'cause life's hard
Meet a lot of people but always I'm puttin up my guard

Cause you never know, some people snakes
Some people give a lot but mostly not, most people take
A lot of smilin claimin realness but most people fake

Still gotta smile, 'cause that's what it takes
Sometimes it's lonely
I feel like people see me really don't know me

But my best friend is Him, and I know He'll hold me


Uhh, uhh
I got a lotta people on my side protectin me
Dee, Waah, Chivon, and the family

Gotta thank God for them 'cause they keep me right
I also thank Him every day for the love of my life
I thank Him, for this gift just to be able to write
and rock crowds that scream my name, able to excite
Thank God for my fans; I love the way they love me

Happy that I'm comfortable, eatin, livin lovely
I love my life, still there's the pressure and pain
So I make sure that I'm grounded and able to maintain
Alotta people think I'm lucky, travelin and hangin out
But if they only knew, I +WISH+ I could be hangin out

I'm bangin out hits, in the studio I'm livin low
Makin plans to last a lifetime, make sure I'm gettin dough
Huh, come on, just so the people know
Uhh, come on, just so the people know

[Chorus x2]

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