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EVE : Hey Y'all lyrics

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EVE lyrics : "Hey Y'all"

Yea Yea, Evie Eve
And you know, you better know

[Snoop Dogg]
I keep some chuck's on my feet khakis on my legs
Trunk full of funk ^!$$% while im breaking bread

Sliding through your system banging, bobbing heads
Doing mines and I don't care what other ^!$$%z saying
They can pop it, but they can't stop it, boy I'm getting mine

Selling clothes up in this (*##$ like Calvin Klein
Getting cuties to shake they booty at the same time
I'd be damned If I go back to jail for the same crime

I'm to slick to get caught up in this dirty game
I'm a scollar that make dollaz off the birdy game
Crip hoping I got it popping on the Blvd.

Man I ain't $#&@ing with chevy's I got my own car
D-O Double you don't wanna rumble, why you testing me
Oh I know, you must be gone off them extacy

Bad habits you better kick it before it get you loc
And try to get yourself hooked on this chronic smoke
Fo' sho!!

[Chorus: Nate Dogg]
Hey Y'all, doggs from East to West Coast

All my doggs we could smoke, we 'bout to take some bank roll
Everywhere that I go, man I see the same hoes
I know they already know, yea we like it real raw

Snoop, Evie Eve and Nate Dogg


(uh-huh)These ^!$$%s got you head nodding
And this chick got the drums from your ears throbbing
Known to do it, baby bubblin do 'chu dare stop it

Love when (*##$es hate you, hear the song pimps
ain't nothing to me, Got my ^!$$% Snoop he been down
As for my ^!$$% Nate, %#@! he was in town

created heat so you can bang it, crank it nice and loud
Can't block me out I'm popping up Evie Eve, I'm upon your tv
Ain't never stuck up off the freezyness

Same (*##$, same pitch nothing rediculous
Want this brown girl I see you thug lick your lips
Gotta have that bombshell, damn girl I need you for me

Keep love on the both sides, we in the church
On these ^!$$%s getting smoke ties, dominoe playing
Up here praying that they legalize, but $#&@ it still choke top down

Baby blowing smoke in the sky, come on


Now when you see me acting up in the club (it ain't nothin)

Uh six fall up on dub's (it ain't nothin)
Huh breaking up blueberry buds (it ain't nothing)
And every hood showing nothing but love (it ain't nothing)

Taste buds ain't the same, for the simple brain
Should of never let me learn what millions really mean
Yea I'm a simple girl, but really don't want simple things

Keep real doggs close, hate cats with simple brains
Not ready for the collision, stay up in your lane
East coast, West coast, you still don't $#&@in think

Dedicate to you baby, keep your gangsta lean

[Snoop Dogg]

You gots to be my queen, cause I'm the Bigg king
The one with the Bigg house with the Bigg things
Sista Eve, you blessed the whole scene

You're the queen of the team, with cream, you're so supreme
A blessin in the skies, open up your eyes
Me and you together %#@!, we gone collect the vibes

Exercise, and go where we wanna go, stay fly
Sho' and original, turn up your stereo
Cause here we go, here we go


It ain't nothing [x4]

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