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EVE lyrics : "Fire"

[Verse 1:]
Dont Act Like U Dont About,I Know U Hear About Me,E-V-E My ^!$$% Nothing's Changed Not Eva' Try To Dout Me.Ima Keep It Comin' Bamming What Would You Do Without Me? People Think Im Playin,Bette'a Get Ready Cause Im Comin Heavy.I Just Left Before,(*##$ But Now I Back Up In It,Had To Get Back In The Game To Deal Wit Some Unfished Bussise.What You Thougt I Give It Up, Think I Was Done And Over?, Guess I Done Funked Up Your' Luck,Betta Call Some Guliy Clover.

All Yall Should Know My Name,E-V-E Aint Nothin' Changed

All Yall,All Yall,All Yall,All Yall

[Verse 2:]

See They Eyes Pop,Why?,They Was Waitin For Me Tryin To Figre Out What Im Doin This Time.Haters Ready To Cry,Comin Back Really Ready Even Betta Then Before The First Time And I Feel Alive How Can I Not,Still Got My Spot.Im Making Moves While You Be Hoping You Can Fill In My Slot.Babygirl,Have To Stop Them Dreams,Got'a Understand That I Been Bougth Up Back The Blocks And Scemes.Know You Sitting Back,Waitin Contaplating All The Ways You Plan On Stopin Eve,Well I Can Understand And I Know I Fustat,But You Been A Fan Love Me From The 1st Teast But You Should Give It Up ,Watch While I Live It Up,Cause Im Never Leaving Premamently.Myspace.

[Chours x6]

How They 'popse To Be,^!$$%s They Know Me Get Yo Head Rigth 'for You Come Funkin' Wit E-V-E.

[Chours x6: Out]

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