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EVE lyrics : "Figure You Out"

Lady look I'm tryna figure you out (OK)
I'm tryna find out what you all about (Yeah)

Baby girl I wanna get in ya head (My head?)
Damn is you everything that you said? (No Doubt)
Mean no harm. I admire ya style (Hmm)

Just take a second baby here me out
I know ya game you tryna make me shout
Yo look I'm just tryna figure you out

He approached me boldly. Said he felt me said I'm lookin lonely
I had to stop 'em. Tell him daddy chill cause you don't know me

He said listen ma mean no harm
Just wanna let you know my story yo, don't be alarmed
Usually I'm like the (*##$y type

I'm quick to hit 'em wit a 'Ha yeah, ok aight'
'What's ya name again?'
But I was feelin dude

And to my surprise for once I wasnt being rude
had these eyes that'll make you melt
So what its corny. That's the way I felt

Had this body not a big deal but it helped
I mean this ^!$$% had some %#@! wit 'em
And everytime I tried to talk

he grabbed my hand and said sweetheart just listen


Felt like I was little. Got me back to shy days
Is he being real or is he comin at me sideways?

Said he want a build wit me. I'm like here we go
Said he was a regular ^!$$% that liked my flow
Confidence is key wit me so I let him go on

Casanova sayin %#@! like damn you got a glow on
I'm like he did his homework knowin what I like
Cant find nothin wrong on 'em and he might be my type

Continued wit his story bout his 3 years in jail
How he missed the streets cause being in there was like hell
Bout his little daughter Kira center of his world

His princess and she know she daddy's little girl
I'm lookin at his face-I looked at my watch
He smiled said he wished that time would stop

I apologized to 'em cause I didnt mean to be rude
He said 'I know you busy. Just really wanted to meet you.'


Asked me if I had a man I said that I didnt

Wanted to know if he could be that wit my permission
Told 'em that I wasnt ready. He said 'Yeah right'
Told me that I need a real ^!$$% in my life

I agreed wit 'em. Told him that'll come soon
Let him know that I enjoyed the talk but had to run soon
He asked when's the last time I took time for me?

And if I ever reflected on how %#@! could be
He told me I was blessed. I said 'Dog I know it'
He said just a reminder. Feel that way and never blow it, huh

Slipped me his number said use it for inspiration
Kissd my cheek and whispered thank you for your conversation, huh


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