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EVE lyrics : "Eve-Olution"

[Verse 1]
Now I ain't ever been the type to
Not excite ya

Can't miss the vixen that meant ya like her
Play ya position, just might invite ya
Party till the mornin if she like ya

I ain't attracted to no lame dudes,
Don't wanna name a few
Don't lie either so don't ask

She might be namin you
When I'm allergic to these corny (*##$es
Tryna start %#@! to end my ? I'm too up on my riches

?Gang? been a part of me, dawg, and Im'ma keep winnin
Never shoulda started me off
I love the way I'm livin

And they wonder why she won't stop
Sit around mumblin to myself hopin that my %#@! flop
Now that's the %#@! I like to laugh at

Obsessed with my every move
Dummy, find a crash test
Every year I'm just a little wiser

And yo it's still gon be left in the race ?
(Ayyo she got it like)

Every day, eatin and takin it to the

Vixen V-12 with systems
Everybody keepin it movin

It's double R, ???, this is Eve-olution, now scream
If you're really ready we're takin it to the

Vicious spit flows ridiculous

Say it like you know the letters
Bombshell ???? scream my name for me

(There's more but I have no more time to sit here and type out lyrics for you
lazy $$# so I suggest you get the lyrics to this song so I can have them. Thank

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