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EVE : Ain't Got No Dough lyrics

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EVE lyrics : "Ain't Got No Dough"

(feat. Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott)


Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
Bet I make you a believer
Fever, what you catch when you see her

Cheater, that be you check your beeper 9-1-1
Never Eve stressin' for your lovin'
I don't want none

Peep her, two seater
Look at you ^!$$% actin' like you need her
You run blocks with your henney on the rocks

You don't think I see you wiling, thirsty ^!$$% want the @@#!, uh
Let you live for a minute 'fore I slide off
Get you mad, holla no smokey ride off

Stressing me, you ain't blessing me
With your 96 Rolley glistening and impressing me
Hear me though, want a job need a resume, ready though

Cause my time is like Presume
You got petty dough and I'm here to let you know
My time is priceless, so if you iceless, babygirl gotta go

[1: Missy]
Ain't got no dough

Broke $$# ^!$$%s ain't got cash flow
Y'all know y'all can't buy %#@!
See me in the club trying to impress this, heh

[Repeat 1]

Yo, yo
You can say I'm bless I know

^!$$%s like 'em flashy drive a F50
Jets I go, go-tee y'all blow, H-Y-dro
Keep 'em leaning the club

Hoochies screaming y'all don't know
Many (*##$es follow me
Daddy licking out your tongue, wanna swallow me

Wanna pile me, never put no smile on me
Better stop that
Wanna see me beggin' for your chips

Bet I doubt that
Whatcha lookin at huh?
Still speakin' to me think you pushin' it huh?

Know you #~!!@ cat run
Cause this (*##$ is gonna bite
I don't light fire

Grab it, choke it, hold it down
Ride it ruff ryde
I can give you what you need

Or give you what you like
But the pay is kind of the low
So this #~!!@ pawn stride

Wishin' you could touch me, lust me
Listen up daddy you ain't ready for the bed
Try-na to give it up

[Repeat 1 x2]

Yo, yo
Swizz got beats locked

Every time I drop %#@!'s hot
Think not and it don't stop
This (*##$ top notch and

Y'all keep watching
Play the back baby while your team keep flockin'
Try-na to touch my $$#

You ain't got the strength to mount this stallion, I pass
Whiling out I dash
To that type of thug that's about they business

Piling out that cash
Long line of credit cause I like my thug to last
See they like it when I talk back

Dough stack, cut backs, we don't want that
Frontin' but you flaunt that
Somethin' whatcha want black
Cheap stack, keep that
Fake money ^!$$%, fake thug

We don't need that
What's that all about
I can see you from a mile running at the mouth
Lies poppin' out
Claimin' you's a hustlin' type of ^!$$%, cut it out

You's an average type of cat
No money, no clout

When Missy flow I give y'all fever, yo

If your (*##$ is ugly you don't need her
Feed her to a wild pack of cheetas
Yo I let y'all (*##$es see I'm off the meter, heater
Me and Eve give ya seizures
Know I put your ^!$$%s down on their knees uhh, eat up

Then we treat you like skeezers, yo let me
Let me take a quick breather (Ahhh!)
Yo do y'all smell them trees huh?
Do you hear them bangin' Swizz Beats huh?
Oh do you feel the rappin' Missy huh?
Well where you wanna roll wit me huh? me huh?

One-two Misdemeanor
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Muther$#&@er now, muther$#&@er now what?

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