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Eve To Adam : Reach lyrics

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Eve To Adam lyrics : "Reach"

Well I don`t care about this pain
Any more, I don`t need it.
Yeah, I know what to do now

This time I`m leaving.

See I remember the words

That you`ve said when you stroke me
I remember the look in your eye
When you told me

Sit down, boy
It`s time you love this world
You see, it challenge all your words.

Life for me (light me up)

Just one more time
You`ve got to let it all
All on the lies.

It seems all the loving
Or leaving
You`ve got to see this,

But maybe you reach if you just believe it.
Maybe you reach if you just believe it.
I know you can reach,

But you`ve got to believe.

I feel the way of this life

On the six on the morning
I feel the turn of the tack
Cause it always keeps turning

I know I`m running at time,
Do you know where you`re going?
When you swim through the wake

Rather ways and keep rolling.
Rather waves and keep rolling.

Down to
see and I

You wait beside me
And guide me through
The fine.


But I don`t care about this pain

Any more, I don`t need it.
Yeah,and minewhale the wall from inside
Time to leave it.

But I`m no longer the shout
Now`s the time that it`s seen this

I`m no longer a child
Now it`s time that I see this.
Time is in count

To wounds that
Just not deserve.


Believe (repeat)
You`ve got to believe (repeat).

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