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EVE 6 : Hey Montana lyrics

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EVE 6 lyrics : "Hey Montana"

Hey montana take your daughter back,
From the bathrooms of Angeles Vall.
She believes in destiny

Her names always misspelled
Waitressing to pay the rent
Drinks to quell the smell

Of people breathing way too close,
Folks who don't mean well
No one sees the color of your eyes

No one sees your smile
No one knows the secrets that you hide
No one sees you cry

She parks her car two blocks away, from apartment 15A
She walks with somber in her step and scores doing the way
Blue's you hue you tiny thing Dropping patrons wine

Singing to you own sad song
Two feet stuck in the mire
Hey montana take your daughter back

It's clear she needs your care
These bustling
Streets are icy veins of a beast who snuffs her prayer

Her bones and the truth show through

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