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EVE 6 : Anytime lyrics

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EVE 6 lyrics : "Anytime"

Gonna get in the car with a smile and the burn that I put on my
arm the day you
went away girl and I probably wont come back around agian.

Gonna drive all night through the red lights flying, over the
hill to the

county line blind, forgetting to forget that you're not mine.

[Chorus 1]

Kiss your Appocolyps for the last, last time runaway runaway
I can't find anytime you think it changed your mind,

[Chorus 2]
Anytime you want jump back too me anytime, jump back to me

jump back to me anytime, come back one more time anytime.

There's a place where I go to take the edge of the day, when the
radios up your
face fades away, flicker flicker dim and fade to black.

With a back pack packed, with a mug and a map. Gonna drive too
fast, Gonna not
look back, light the night with a blow torch and a match.

[Chorus 1+2]
Got no time reason or rime, not gonna stop, gonna ride all

[repeat three times]
[Chorus 2]
(without you want)

[Chorus 1 (twice)]
For the last time [4 times]

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