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Eurythmics lyrics : "The Last Time"

Well the first time that I saw you
You were standing in the rain.
You were waiting at the station

For the last connecting train.
Well - who will you go to
When there's no-one to betray?

And I said - who will you go to
When your best friend turns away?
Hey hey...

Last time you're gonna let me down.
Last time you're gonna

Fool around with me...

There's a garden full of roses,

There's a necklace full of pearls.
You have come to take the roses
To give to other girls.

Well - I am just a pretty thing
You wanted for a day.
There is nothing left between us

There is nothing left to say...
Hey hey...

People like you
Can be so mean.
People like you

Just don't come clean.

(Chorus repeats...)

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