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EUROPE : 'Til My Heart Beats Down Your Door lyrics

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EUROPE lyrics : "'Til My Heart Beats Down Your Door"

(Joey Tempest, Kee Marcello, Beau Hill)
Hey you should know by now
I'm gonna take you down

Can't keep me out forever
'Cause now I'm back around
Put your best defense

I've made up my mind
I ain't like the others
I'm gonna make you mine

I'm gonna keep on knockin'
Knockin' like before

'Til my heart beats down your door
I'm gonna keep on comin'
Comin' back for more

'Til my heart
'Til my heart beats down your door

Baby you know you love me
So why do you pretend
When I could make you happy

If you just let me in
Well I remember better days
With you by my side

I'll keep you warm forever
And if it takes all night

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