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EUROPE : Ninja lyrics

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EUROPE lyrics : "Ninja"

(Joey Tempest)
Tell me the story, tell me the legend
Tell me the tales of war

Tell me just one time,
What it was like before
Bring me the feeling, right in that moment

When a heart for battle cries
Find me the treasure where the legend lies.

If I were a noble ancient knight
I'd stand by jour side to rule and fight
It will always feel the same

When I call out your name.

Ninja survive, in dreams I walk by your side

Ninja survive, with you there's no need to hide.

A handful of sayings are more than a reason

For me to feel this way
I'd like to be near you
Maybe for just one day

So tell me the legend, tell me the story
Tell me the tales of war
Tell me just one time

What it was like before.

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