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Etta James lyrics : "Almost Persuaded"

Last night all alone at a party
I met a man with a drink in his hand
He had soft brown eyes and coal black hair

And a smile a girl could understand

Then he came and sat down at my table

And placed his warm hand on mine now
And i found myself wanting longing to kiss him yes i did
For temptation was flowing like wine

And oh i was all almost persuaded
To strip myself apart apart yes

Oh almost nearly persuaded now
To push my push my ole conscience right on the side

Then we danced then we danced he whispered "baby i need you now"
He said to me "let me take you away ooh i wanna be your man"
Than i looked in his eyes and i saw it yeah i saw it

I saw the reflection of my my wedding band

Oh i was almost almost almost persuaded yes i was

To let a strange lips somebody's lips lure me lure me on now
Oh i was almost yeah nearly nearly persuaded
But your your sweet love made me stop made me stop and go on

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