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ETERNAL lyrics : "Who's To Blame"

(Verse 1)
So who do I blame, for my many flaws and imperfections
My ignorance and my hidden fears which I won't mention

What caused, this empty void inside my soul
Perhaps it was the coward that refused to play the role
That's how it goes, I guess I have to move on

Deal with my issues, $#&@ the tissues, I just stay strong
So am I wrong, for wishing that he burns in hell
Psychotic fantasies and wicked thoughts I will not tell

Oh well, I'm destined for a life of power
False flag my enemies just like the twin towers
This life is sour but I'm almost to the sweet part

Money and fame, yelling my name, breaking deep hearts
Yes we are, the youth of the nation
The sons of murderers with ruthless dedication

And did I mention, life is just a ride engulfed in pain
A game only few can play, tell me who's to blame.

As the days pass, moments don't last
Looking for a scapegoat

Who's to blame, tell me who do I blame.

(Verse 2)

Is it my fault, I don't know what to do
Nobody showed me the way, yet I'm making it through
I grew without a father so I don't even bother

Disclosing all of my issues into the ears of another
My brothers are truly blessed, only kids, they get to rest
While their dad and I deal with all the stress

But hey, that's life in this %#@!ty place
Mind on my future so the past all gets erased
A different phase, in this life of mine

Just thinking of the time, when I got declined
Attracted to the pleasures and joys of this life
But if I give in then I'll only get more strife

That's right, I'm back to square one
Lost and confused so I'm not able to have fun
I can't run because I know I'll be back

And even if I die, I'll be Eternal on this track.

(Verse 3)

Who can I blame for the errors that I have committed
So many blunders and mistakes, homie I admit it
Regretted so many moments that I lost count

No $#&@s were given and to date, it's the same amount
Allowed so many chances to pass me by
Walking alone just gazing at the starry sky

I'm getting high just to get away from all the pain
I'm immature so I'm looking for someone to blame
In search of fame, money for some ammunition

Destined to prison for the death of a politician
My $#&@ing mission is to change the world
Start a $#&@ing revolution, find myself a girl

So who do you believe in?
Say it now before you're $#&@ed up and bleeding, #~!!@ we're even
Devoted to a life full of smiles and tears

Committing errors till my last years, who's to blame.

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