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Ester Dean lyrics : "Love You"

Everybody say that you only fall in love one time, one time
And i don't mind it 'cause the truth
'Cause i can only love you in my mind oh

In my mind, in my eyes in my heart from the start to the end
You don't know how much i love you

But let me show you yeah yeah
But then i do yeah yeah

Baby i do yeah yeah
I i love you, i i love you,
Yeah I love you, love you, love you baby

Every day of my life I'll try to show you how much you worth to me
And ain't no taking back this heart my love has a guarantee yeah

It won't rack it won't shake it won't let you down
From the start to the end you don't know how much i need you


You are the person that i think about, yes you are

You ? all i think about, oh oh
You are my last thing that i think about, baby
And i go to sleep all i think about,

'Cause you baby i know
My heart belongs to you
But if don't know me

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