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ESCAPE THE FATE : Beautiful lyrics

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ESCAPE THE FATE lyrics : "Beautiful"

Here I am
Nobody's man
Nobody's hero

I'm confused
Sick and diffused
And everything's fine

What about your life
Is alright now

I walk around
I turn around
But nothing look right

Through my eyes
My eyes
My eyes

Some days

I am beautiful
Oh so beautiful
To me

Some days
I am pitiful
Oh so pitiful

To me
I feel angry
I feel silence

I feel so far away
I feel beautiful
Just not today

It's all smoke
My life's a joke

For no rhyme
Or reason
No one knows

How deep it goes
And everything's

What about your life
How should I know

Your sorry but
You'll never find
The pain that I carry

Inside (Inside)


Someday I'll be

Is this real
'Cause I don't feel

I feel angry
I feel silence

I feel so far away
I am crazy
I'm amazing

I have nothing to say
I'm pathetic
I'm a giant

I'm a moment away
I'll be beautiful

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