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Ernie Aldaco : You Only Call me (When You Need me) lyrics

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Ernie Aldaco lyrics : "You Only Call me (When You Need me)"

I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul,
you promised to love me, till we both grew old,
don´t make a promise, that you can´t keep,

cause when you're in love, love runs much too deep,
you only call when you need me,
when your lonely, and your feeling blue,

you lead me on and then decieve me,
why do you treat me like you do,
one day you will find, that I wont be there,

I'll find someone new, someone who really cares,
the phone will keep ringing, there'll be no hello,
it´s the final curtain, the end of the show,

you only call me when you need me

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