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Erik Santos : The End lyrics

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Erik Santos lyrics : "The End"

Cold nights, standing by the fire, I thought that you are coming I stayed up all night, holding back the pain, while my tears are falling


I look in the mirror, with a smile on my face, I was fooling my self again
You hurt me so bad, with your lies and mistakes, now scars in my heart will remain

I never, ever, never wanna see you again, though it's hard to forget you
And never, ever, never try to see me again, 'cause I've had enough of you

I'ts the end?

I was trying, not to tear us apart, but my heart beat is dying yes, you're in my arms,

But something is missing, coz your heart belongs to someone
Else baby (Refrain) (Chorus)

Now I understand, you don't love me anymore, that's why I'm letting you go

And don't you come back, because I'm closing all the doors
(First two lines of the chorus) (Chorus)

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