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Erik Santos : Forgive Me lyrics

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Erik Santos lyrics : "Forgive Me"

I wish I could give to you, and you know that I will do, all of the things I missed
Oh you know that I miss you, I would try my best to do, all the things that you ask
(Please) forgive me, please tell me, that you forgive me, that you do, yes you do

Oh maybe, baby could you tell me, (oh) that you need it, that you need me
You wont leave me, oh (oh/my) baby, baby

I know that I've done wrong, don't you think it's much too long, I want you back, darlin'
Can't we just stop this fight, oh let's make out tonight, I'll give all of my love


Let's talk it out, come to me and I'll hold you down love is here, let me kiss you, baby, it will be all right

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