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Erik Santos : Feelin' High lyrics

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Erik Santos lyrics : "Feelin' High"

I'm low on gas
Don't know if I can make it to you
I'm here at last

Feelin' so goog
So high

I'm breathing hard
I feel so bad

I got to get to you, oh


Holding on to fantasy
You're breaking my insanity
It's the way you make me feel

(All of your lovin'/All of my sadness is gone)

I'm driving fast

I have to make it to you
I step hard on the gas
I need to be with you

(Refrain) (Chorus)

In my dreams I hold you
Close to me

(in my dreams I'm holding you
And you are close to me)
So close to me

Oh can't you see
You belong to me
And now I?


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