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ERIC SAADE lyrics : "Coming Home"

I'm coming home, I'm coming home, Yeah
Funny how she's caught up running in my head
Girlfriend, not yet

We just met
Only been a couple weeks
But this girl is so unique, yeah

Useless, screw this
I'm with her by midnight
I'm coming your way, coming your way

For you
Girl I'm gonna prove that
I'll go out of my way, out of my way

For you
'Cause baby the thruth is?
I'll been on the road

Been all alone
So far away, so gone
To another place

A different day
Wish I could see your face
I'm figured out, ouoh oh oh

Home is where your heart is around (x2)
around, yeah
I'm coming home

I'll fly across the globe
I'm coming home
'Cause your heart is my home

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