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Eric Hutchinson lyrics : "The Basement"

I'm going down to the ba!@&(t y'all
Where people have a good time

The parties that I hit have nothing to do with wit
My ears are going out of their mind

Down here they play the real thing
Songs that really are rock and roll
It's a cliche to put it this way

But they don't make 'em like that any more

And if they put me in the spotlight

I'm never leaving the floor


I'm going down to the ba!@&(t
Cuz I really wanna rock and roll

An older man gets on the mic
Tells us to hang our burdens up

He says "songs you hear today all start to get in the way
till you're barely even feelin the love"

He drops the needle on a pop song
He drops the needle on some soul
I watch a pair fall in love over there

Dancing to songs their parents would know

So everybody give me room now

Watch me cut a rug in this show


Party people sweat out the night
Let your body do just what it likes
Just wanna hear something from before my years

Dance soldiers forgetting our day jobs
Tryna get our funk on cuz we came to rock and roll

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