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Eric Hutchinson lyrics : "Rock & Roll"

He's been waiting around for the weekend
figuring which club to sneak in
fancy drinks and fifty dollar cover charge

lately it's been a big hassle
heineken and new castle
to make sure he's fitting in and living large

disregard the lies that he will tell and what he's probably like
cause it's not hard his charm is gonna get him through the night

if he wants to rock he rocks
if he wants to roll he rolls
he can roll with the punches long as he feels like he's in control

if he wants to stay he stays
if he wants to go he goes
he doesn't care how he gets there long as he gets somewhere he knows

see her heavy makeup and cut t-shirt
every girl out wants to be her

but they look the same already why adjust
reading the magazine secrets
forgetting the topical regrets

cause if she comes home all alone the night's a bust
it's a must the swivel in her hips and the look she gives
it's all her trust if only in the morning she knew where she lived

if she wants to rock she rocks
if she wants to roll she rolls

she can roll with the punches long as she feels like she's in control
if she wants to stay she stays
if she wants to go she goes

she doesn't care how she gets there long as she gets somewhere she knows

and in a wink they're on the brink

from drink to drink and at the bar with cash to blow
shot to shot it's getting hot
advance the plot to see how far it's gonna go

all depends so ditch the friends and grab a cab
another chance at cheap romance
doesn't count 'cause the room is spinning

nothing to lose tonight they both are winning
and they fall in love as they fall in bed

if they wanna rock they rock
if they wanna roll they roll
they can roll with the punches long as they feel like they're in control

if they wanna stay they stay
if they wanna go they go
they don't care how they get there long as they get somewhere they know

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