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Eric Hutchinson lyrics : "Outside Villanova"

And now i'm trying to decide if i feel dirty at all
cause it gets hard to tell
it's never just black and white she's got a mind of her own

and she uses it well
so she invites me over outside villanova
she's got some pull-out sofa that we won't hardly need

she is only drinking soda revving up that motor
got places we could go to but i still won't believe
that she's only gifted

when i'm standing by her side
she goes unassisted
and i start to relax as i cut her some slack

so get up i gotta go to work

facing all these people who now know i'm a jerk
and it's a set-up i gotta change my clothes
concealing all this evidence before everybody knows

what i've done and what i'm gonna do â?¦again

and in the middle of the night i have a breakdown of sorts

with regret creeping in
she's gonna put up a fight and she will get her way
cause she loves sleeping in

so i need someone to side with when she begins confiding
and i cannot provide it cause i'm endlessly cold
she says she's so excited to play some groom and bride

with me but i'm undecided so I need to be told
that she's only sinking
when i'm sleeping by her side

with a change of thinking
i could pull us away even just for a day


she grows impatient to change my tune

she's geting older and legal soon
and i wasn't ready to start out and go upsetting
some girl that i'd be forgetting

by the time the cops came by that afternoon
and i try to decide as she pulls me aside


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