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ERIC CHURCH lyrics : "These Boots"

These boots have counted off many a band
Playing one night roadhouse stands
For tips in empty rooms

These boots have stood toe-to-toe
With the biggest baddest Joes
Like they had some things to prove

These boots

These boots more than once saved my $$#

Like the time they hid in the grass
From those cops in Tupelo
And these boots have danced with the devil

And nearly lost that battle to Wild Irish Rose


I've wore out more soles then I'd care to count
Done more stupid things than most would dare to
I've kicked myself more times than not

For the roads they led me down
But the damnedest thing I've ever seen 'em do is walkin' out on you

These boots had to see California
And an Arizona morning
Where god paints the sky

And these boots had to spur that beast in Cheyenne
Though that bull made me a real man
I still drag that leg sometimes

(Repeat Chorus)

Now these boots are one step from the door
They walked out of years before
I can almost see her now

These boots ought kick that door aside
Stomp out my foolish pride
But they just turn around

Damn these boots...Damn these boots
These boots

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