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I woke up early this morning
And I'm already runnin' late
There's a list of things as long as my arm

That won't get done today
Is it Tuesday, is it Wednesday?
They're running into each other

Somebody tell me when it's my day
Man, this life sure has been trouble


So, tomorrow i'm takin me fishin

Hang a sign on the door of my life
Tell the world that i've gone missin'
And i won't be back for awhile

I'm so tired of only wishin'
I could leave my trouble behind
I want to be front porch rockin' with a big sun droppin'

And a blue sky
Kick back and get highhhh
Livin' part of life

They say to keep your spot on the ladder
You keep that money rollin' in

They say keepin up with the Thile's boy you can't back off one inch
Well I've been puttin in my time
And I've built up a pretty good day

I'm gonna spend some maybe waste some
Before my time comes and I wind up dead, yeah..


When I get home tonight

I'll open the window and let whatever rolls in
And if there's no breeze that's cool with me
I just raise my sail

And wait on the wind


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