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ERIC CHURCH lyrics : "Hungover & Hard Up"

Hung over and hard up
Broken down and messed up
I never saw your leaving comin' but

I sure felt it when ya left
Memory button stuck on repeat
Mind skippin' like a record machine

Over and over that goodbye scene
Keeps spinnin' in my head

It keeps haunting me
And there ain't no maybe about it
The hurt keeps calling me

Come on out we got you surrounded
Yeah the bottle in my hand is loaded and
I ain't afraid to use it tonight

Hung over and hard up
Pain hurts, whiskey's tough

And too much ain't ever enough
To break through your space
Livin' in a lost and found

Round and round, up and down
I'm tired of this seesaw, merry-go-round
So merry you can go to hell

All I wanna do
Is just get on down the highway

And I'll be there as soon as
I get on out of my way
Yeah the truth is like a hangman's noose

And it's holdin' up my heart tonight

Hung over and hard up

I tried it all, well now what?
I've given everything but up
And up's going down the drain

Just when I thought the coast was clear
You're cloudin' up my atmosphere
That mornin' sun's waitin' there when I wake up

Hung over and hard up

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