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ERIC BENET : More Than Just A Girlfriend lyrics

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ERIC BENET lyrics : "More Than Just A Girlfriend"

Girl it's true
I can't deny
I've been around a couple of times

So you're afraid
This love in me
Tomorrow we'll no longer be

My heart beats stronger
At the end of each day
Can you feel the rhythm between the two of us

I'd be a fool to turn away
Baby all I'm trying to say is

You're so much more than just a girlfriend
You're more than just a temporary love of mine

You're so much more than just a girlfriend
So I'll ask you forever be mine

'Cause when I'm making love to you
I can tell it's not pretend
Many things to me are you

Not just another lady friend
See every brother has a place in his heart
Only one lady can find her way to it

Only one girl
To see your smile is all I need
To know that you're my destiny


So I'll stay for always 'til the end of time
Much more than loves before
Don't wanna let you go

Right here is where I'll stay
Don't you ever go away

[Chorus out]

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