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ERIC BENET : Making Love lyrics

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ERIC BENET lyrics : "Making Love"

It feels unbelievable when my body's wrapped around you
Forever could never be enough
But it's not through physical

When my soul is trying to reach you
The heart is the way to making love
Now I've come to understand

Through a life of deeper meaning
And wanting to love you even more
The touch is divine but deeper inside

You swear we should keep love alive
Love has answered my call
What has taken me....

All of this time

I've...been learning the way to
Make love...right
All my days and my nights

All of my life...I
Wanna spend it with you
Making love

I want to lay you down
On the bed of our emotions

Emrace you with tenderness and truth (yes)
I'll be inside of you
With the strength of my devotion

And cherish each moment shared with you
One rhythm of life....body and mind
Leaving this whole world behind

In the heat of it all
Only deeper we'll fall....



Love made every moment
Every word we say
Love found in the pleasure in the pain

For always
Days fall by the second
and the years will fade

But I won't waste the time
Cuz I'm giving you...

All of my life
I....keep on learning new ways to
Make love right

And with all of my might
Day and night
I...wanna spend it with you

Making love (making love)

All of this time

I've.... been learning (how to make)
Love right
Everyday and all of my life...I...

I want to spend
Making love...
[fade, ad lib]

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