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ERIC BENET : don't let go lyrics

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ERIC BENET lyrics : "don't let go"

Now the heat of love feels like it's starting to cool,

I hear the bells but they don't right the way they used to

It looks like breakin' up is our next obvious move,

but let's not move too soon

You see the problem goin' round too often these days

People throwin' in the towel once they pass the honeymoon phase

A stronger love awaits if we endure this pain

Or else we've lived these years cried these tears in vain

I'm sayin'


Don't let go (that's all I'm sayin')

Don't let go (oo girl let's stop playin)

No, don't let go (think of all the love we've been makin')

Don't let go (don't let it go)

I've worked your patience girl and you workin' my nerves

We scream at each other but we're not hearing one word

We made mistakes that neither one of us deserves

Leaving much desired when love's concerned

I saw an old man and his wife early today

They were holding hands his eyes locked in her gaze

Think of all the times they came so close to parting ways

In my mind I could him say . . . stay babe

Don't let go (I could hear him say)

Don't let go (don't throw the love away)

No, don't let go (you know we're worth it baby)


With some other girl I could move on

trading old problems just for new

To some other guy you could belong

goin' thru changes we've been thru

When another brotha is tryin' to make a play

(Oh no don't you let go)

When another woman is up in my face

(Oh I better not let go)

When the honemoon starts to fade away

(Oh no I won't let go)

If we're gonna make it, I wanna hear you say

(Oh no, I swar I won't let go)


Don't let go (I could hear him say)

Don't let go (don't throw this love away)

No, Don't let go (you know we're worth it baby)

Don't let go (Don't let it go)

Repeat chorus

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